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Here you will find some words, often used times. All the word “We,” “Us,” “Our” are referred to Bengal Live and “You,” “Your” words are referred to the visitors in our site and the users of our services.


All the visitors, subscribers, readers come under these terms and condition. They have to abide by all these rules. If you don’t agree with these conditions, you may not be able to use our site. If a visitor visits to pour site, they come under our terms, and they have to abide by them. That means if you are visiting our site, you agree with our terms and conditions. So we are requesting all our visitors please read our terms and conditions before surfing our website.

Changes and modification of the disclaimer:

Bengal Live holds the full right to change, modify, or delete any of its term (s ) & condition (s). The new terms and conditions also apply to all our existing visitors and users and as well as the newbies. After updating or modifying if someone continuous to visit Bengal Live, it expresses that they have read our new terms and condition and agree entirely with our service. Bengal Live shall have the full rights to change its terms and condition any time without informing or sending any early information to anyone. For changing the regulations if someone faces any problem and issues, Bengal Live will not liable for that. That’s why all our existing readers and subscribers are requested to check our terms and conditions page frequently.

Copyright and intellectual property concerns:

Bengal Live is owned by the North Bengal News Service. It is an uncommitted entity, and it holds the intellectual property rights for the entire bengallive.in website. All the site, including any news, images, videos, website design, graphics, logos, and all other pieces of stuff into the website exclusively belong to Bengal Live and North Bengal News Service. Any kind of reproduction, copying, modification, and usage any of our content, whether it is any news, picture, video, and any other content are strictly prohibited with proper permission. All our contents and website is protected by standard internet laws and copyright laws.

If someone copies our news, pictures, videos, and repost or resubmit them to anywhere else, without prior written permission, we can file a lawsuit to them.

If we find any unauthorized usage and copying of our service, we may take action to such person (s ) or organization (s). However, people can store our news, videos, contents for their personal usage.

Submitting your opinion concerns:

Bengal Live believes in freedom of all our users, visitors, and subscribers. That’s why we have a comment section on every news. Their people may submit their views on a matter and share their thoughts on that. However, you should not submit comments which contains

Abusive, vulgar, hate speech, defame any religion, age, gender, nationality, caste, color.

Comments to provoke someone to harm, spread violence, defame someone, personal attack. All these are included but not limited to. Through the comments, promoting any viruses, software, files that may damage to someone’s computer or anything device is strictly prohibited.

Our liabilities to the news and the information:

In Bengal Live, we share news from our reporters all across the state. Besides that, we have some third-party news agencies who supply us the news. As here, lots of third parties involved, neither Bengal Live nor any third-party provider of information guarantees the entirety, accuracy, or usefulness of any content. For any failure of, error, interruption, deletion, defect, omission, delay publication, performance, communication line failure, misspelling of words, structural problem in sentences, we are (Bengal Live) not responsible although we take our maximum precautions and responsibility. Besides that, if any information leads someone to any financial or physical damage, life loss, or face any kind of harm, Bengal Live neither responsible for that nor will give any compensation to anyone. If someone finds any unintentional mistake someone can send mail to Bengal Live; we can do our best practices on this.

Modification of contents:

Bengal Live holds the full authority to change, modify, or remove any content, picture, video, graphics, banners, audio, writing, and many the rest. For the changing, we are not bound to give any early information or any clarification to anyone. Besides that, if any notice comes from Government authorities, from a court or any other law and order entity, we respect on that and will do the things as per their guidelines.

Third party links:

On our platform, we may use third-party links, to news, or anywhere else. The third parties may have their own disclaimers, and we are not responsible for that in any way. So we are requesting you to read the third party’s when you visit our site. If you face any problem, damage, issue while you visit on third-party websites, we are not liable for anything on that.